Surviving encounters with parenting ‘experts’

The instant you conceive they infiltrate your workplace, social circle, public spaces, and even your home.  They have a superior understanding of your child's needs and preferences, dish out more medical advice than your family doctor, and seem to lack any form of filter. You know who I'm talking about...parenting 'experts'. For me, a major … Continue reading Surviving encounters with parenting ‘experts’

One-pan Rainbow Trout, Portobello, and Pesto Zoodles

My husband is a pretty strong dude, and over the past two years he has channeled this talent toward the occasional power lifting competition. When he's training for a competition he typically eliminates starchy carbs from his diet to help 'cut weight'.  Side note: it's completely unfair how quickly men can lose weight. No joke, … Continue reading One-pan Rainbow Trout, Portobello, and Pesto Zoodles