Falling in love with Tofu

Are you a tofu hater? It’s OK if you are, I used to be one too. I thought it was super weird, really bland, and honestly I was just confused about what to do with it.  I didn’t mind seeing the odd piece floating around in my miso soup, but otherwise, it wasn’t my thing.

Then my husband and I started to become more informed about our food choices (through documentaries and lots of reading), and over the past year we’ve decided to take small steps towards a more plant based diet. We started out by making one dinner per week vegetarian or vegan, which prompted me to give tofu another chance.

Through trial and many errors, I’ve discovered two tofu ‘game changers’ that have helped me fall in love with tofu!

Game Changer 1:  Press your tofu before cooking it. It’s literally a whole new world.

Game Changer 2:  Marinate your tofu overnight.  Once pressed, your tofu will more easily absorb any tasty flavours you leave it sitting in.

I still have so much experimenting to do, but I’ve shared my current favourite ways to enjoy tofu below.  Do you cook with tofu? What are your fave recipes? Link them below!

Thug Kitchen Ginger Sesame Tofu Marinade

I fully credit the Thug Kitchen Cookbook for my newfound appreciation of tofu.  It introduced me to the game changing tips I mention above, and it even features some yummy marinade recipes like this amazing ginger sesame marinade

Once you’ve baked your marinaded tofu, you can use it in stir frys, quinoa bowls, wraps, salads…you name it!


Spring Veggie Bowl with Red Curry Lime Sauce

This veggie bowl, also from the Thug Kitchen Cookbook, is my fave way to use the sesame ginger baked tofu.  The red curry sauce in this dish just might be the yummiest sauce I’ve ever tasted from my own kitchen!


Leo’s Power Patties

Jillian Harris is my celebrity girl crush.  Her personality, style, home decor…ugh, don’t get me started. She’s just the greatest in my eyes.

Anyways, she recently shared a post about the ‘power patties’ she created for her baby Leo. They sounded great, so I whipped up a batch for Hudson and they are quite delicious! These little babies are chock full of nutrition, with veggies, flax, quinoa, and of course…tofu. You can find the recipe for them over on Jillian’s blog.

Tofu Breakfast Scramble

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, and I especially love savoury breakfast dishes, so I was pretty excited at the idea of using tofu as an egg substitute.  Whipping up a tofu scramble is quick, easy, and very adaptable to your personal tastes.

Basically, just crumble up some firm or extra firm tofu into your frying pan, toss in any spices and veggies you like, saute it up and you have yourself a legit breaky.  I really like adding garlic, tomato, spinach, and mushrooms to mine. But the world is your oyster babe.

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