20 Ideas for a Daily Dose of ‘Me Time’

Recently, I was able to catch up with a dear friend over lattes and sammies at my local cafe…alone. This was a rare outing for me. Aside from quick trips for groceries, it was one of only three times I had left the house alone in eight months. This particular friend isn’t a mom just yet, and when I told her what a nice treat it was for me to get out, her reaction took me a bit off guard.

I launched into my explanation, which featured all the usual excuses that typically go unchallenged with my fellow mom pals, but guess what? She wasn’t buying it.  Instead, she reminded me of something very important: I need to be in fighting form if I’m going to tackle the daily realities of motherhood. In fact it’s unacceptable to take a pass on nurturing myself the way I nurture others, and I’m going to be a mom forever, so I better start now.

I really don’t do it on purpose (ain’t no mommy martyrs up in here), and my husband frequently encourages me to get out, but it sort of just doesn’t happen. Why though? After some ruminating I’ve arrived at the following conclusion: the self care rituals that naturally happened without a thought in my pre-mom days now take real effort and need to be intentionally scheduled or else they literally just won’t happen.

So this summer, I’ve made a goal to practice better self care and be intentional in setting aside time for just me.  I’m starting small (Rome wasn’t built in a day), and have made a list of quick things I can do for myself daily during my little dude’s naptime or after he’s in bed.

I encourage you to piggyback on my goal- and even help me add to this list! Because trust me, the dishes, laundry, and pet hair aren’t going anywhere, but you can’t get back wasted opportunities to soothe your mental well-being.

20 Ideas for Daily ‘Me Time’

  1. Give yourself a manicure or pedicure
  2. Pour a hot bath with bubbles, a bath bomb, or wine
  3. Read a few chapters of a book in bed
  4. Make yourself a special drink- a smoothie, a fancy coffee, or a mocktail- and enjoy it in silence
  5. Relax outside in the sunshine with a magazine and some music
  6. Indulge during a stroll with your babe and grab an ice cream or frozen yogurt to enjoy along the way
  7. Bake YOUR favourite treat (even if no one else in your family likes it)
  8. Write something- a journal entry, a blog post, a letter or card for a friend
  9. Fit in a half hour workout in your living room
  10. Set a budget and find some goodies online for YOURSELF
  11. Take a nap
  12. Call a friend or family member you haven’t seen in a while to catch up
  13. Organize something in your house that has been driving you crazy
  14. Buy yourself some fresh flowers and put them somewhere you’ll see them often
  15. Put on a face mask
  16. Watch something on Netflix that makes you laugh
  17. Take naptime on the road! Grab a coffee and drive somewhere close by that you haven’t explored yet
  18. Create a new playlist
  19. Make something-  a candle, special bath salts, a painting etc.
  20. Start a meditation practice

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