Ten priceless gifts from my son

My first Mother’s Day was nothing short of amazing.

I spent my day surrounded by the love of family, and was able to find some quiet time to reflect on my journey as a mother so far. While looking through photographs from the past eight months, I realized that in his short time on this earth, my son has already taught me so much.

This Mother’s Day, he was of course too young to make me a card, tell me how much he loves and appreciates me, or pamper me with special gestures.  Yet, after reflecting on the value of the many priceless gifts he has given me, I feel abundantly spoiled.

Ten priceless gifts from my son

  1. Gratitude: He has shown me that the little things in life are the most important, and has made me grateful for life’s simple pleasures (a shower, peaceful sleep, a warm meal, fresh coffee).
  2. Tradition: Holidays are now so much more meaningful and fun. And I look forward to building new traditions for our family.
  3. Curiosity: He explores the world with wonder, and has shown me that everything can be amazing and deserving of attention.
  4. Miracles: Through him I have witnessed the miracle of human life and have realized the power and beauty my body is capable of.
  5. Family: He has transformed the meaning of ‘us’ from a couple to a family and has made our house (with all its imperfections) a home. He has also made my husband a father, which looks so good on him.
  6. Love: I’ve now experienced a brand new kind of love. An indescribable, all encompassing love that is so powerful it sometimes hurts.
  7. Kindness: Through his pure innocence and uninhibited freedom of expression, he has reminded me that it is very simple to be kind.  In fact, it’s much easier than the alternative. A simple smile really can save someones day.
  8. Confidence: He has helped me see that I am much more capable than I would have ever imagined. I am a more confident person as a mom.
  9. Compassion: Every morning, he gazes into my eyes in a way that warms my entire soul.  This reminds me that we communicate with much more than our words. It is so important that we show compassion for others with words, gestures, and even the energy we exude.
  10. Presence: Since he was born, the value of time has become very apparent. We must treasure every single moment, because time is one of the most valuable gifts in this life and it truly can escape us if we’re not careful with it.




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