Top Five: Handy Apps for New Parents

It goes without saying that life as a new parent can be hectic. Luckily, there’s an app for that! There are literally hundreds of handy tools and resources out there to help you learn more about your child’s development, record and track important activities/milestones, take amazing photos, and create one billion lists.

Here are the five apps that have been helping me stay (somewhat) organized and informed since our son was born. Bonus? All five are either free or quite affordable- only one is more than $5.00. A small price to pay for your sanity!

The Bump – Free


This app was extremely helpful throughout my pregnancy, and continues to be an amazing resource now that our son is here.

It curates daily information and articles for you based on your babies age, and even provides a forum to chat with other parents at the same stage as you. There’s also info each week about what’s happening with your babe developmentally, accompanied by monthly milestone videos.

Sprout – $6.99


Sprout is the app on this list that I use most frequently- multiple times each day.

It helps you track your babe’s eating, sleeping, and pooping, and you can also use it to document weight/height progress, doctors appointments, and important milestones. It also creates handy graphs showing any patterns or trends in your babes activity- I find this incredibly helpful for tracking our sons sleep.

It’s the best $7.00 I’ve ever spent!

The Wonder Weeks – $2.79


Wondering why the heck your sweet little angel is a slight bit sour this week? This app has the answers!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened up this app and said, “ahhh, yeah that makes total sense”. This is because (according to Dr. Frans Plooij author of the apps ‘sister’ book), all healthy children experience ‘mental leaps’ at about the same age. The start of each leap causes a sudden brain change which alters/advances your child’s perception, and can make them a little fussy.

The app shows you a calendar and outlines when your child’s sunny or stormy periods are likely to occur based on their upcoming growth spurts and leaps in mental development. It also explains each mental leap, the skills your child will pick up, and the changes you can expect to see once they’ve completed it.

It’s pretty interesting stuff, and has been spot on for our son so far.

Pic. Tap. Go! – $2.79


I recently found this handy little photo editing app and really adore its simplicity. What new parent isn’t snapping hundreds of pictures each week? This app has so many amazing filter options to choose from, and will help you easily spruce up any pic.

I’m obsessed with the ‘lights on’ filter which instantly brightens up any photo in the best way.

Evernote – Free


To be fair, Evernote would make my “Top Five: Greatest Apps of all time for everyone” list. I’m just obsessed with it…and more specifically with making lists. There are way more reasons to make lists once you’re a parent though, so I find it’s been even handier since our son arrived.

I use it for grocery lists, meal planning, budget tracking, to-do lists, passwords/important info, and planning all of the content for this blog and my Instagram feed.

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