35 Healthy Snack Ideas for Busy Mommas

Last night I was lucky enough to be one of fourteen moms featured in a question and answer chat loop hosted by Kristie Gilmore (@mrs.happygilmore) on Instagram.  Kristie hosts these chats every Sunday night beginning at 8:00 p.m. EST, and they are a great way to connect with other moms for helpful tips, inspiration, and fun!

I asked the question:
Meal planning helps ensure the bulk of our meals are super healthy, but lately I’m struggling to keep my snacks on track! What are your go-to healthy snacks?

All of the ideas below are answers from the amazing ladies who participated in the chat, plus a couple of my own favourites.  I definitely picked up a few new ideas from their suggestions, and hopefully you will too!

35 Healthy Snack Ideas for Busy Mommas

  1. Homemade energy balls
  2. Apple slices with natural peanut butter or cheese
  3. Hummus and carrots
  4. Half an avocado with sunflower seeds or salsa
  5. Fresh fruit
  6. Yogurt, granola, and fruit parfait
  7. Stove-top popcorn popped in coconut oil with cinnamon
  8. Mixed nuts
  9. Frozen yogurt bars
  10. Cottage cheese with fruit
  11. String cheese
  12. Almonds with semi sweet chocolate chips
  13. A spoonful of nut butter (peanut, almond, cashew)
  14. Kind bars, Cliff bars, Larabars, or Belvitta bars
  15. Oat Mama lactation bars
  16. Sliced veggies, grape tomatoes and snap peas
  17. Plantain chips and Guacamole
  18. Dried fruit, dates
  19. Protein shakes and smoothies
  20. Whole grain toast with nut butter or avocado and egg
  21. Homemade baked sweet potato chips and aioli dip
  22. Greek yogurt with Apple and cinnamon
  23. Banana chips
  24. Ants on a log
  25. Homemade granola bars
  26. Edamame
  27. Trail mix
  28. Homemade Baby mama bars
  29. Smoothie bowls
  30. Pretzels and cheese
  31. Homemade popsicles
  32. Granola with low fat milk
  33. Hard boiled egg
  34. Healthy crackers and old cheddar
  35. Roasted chickpeas

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