Date Night at Home: 20 Ideas

When our son was on the way, my husband and I devised a plan to get out once a month for a date night. It was important to us that we had alone time together, and we were used to indulging numerous times per week, so our new plan sounded very manageable. Fast forward seven months, and we’ve only left the house twice without our son.

The reality check: Between bedtime routines, getting everything organized with family, and separation anxiety (mine not baby’s lol) it’s actually pretty tough to get out of the house for some one on one time.

That being said, I do think it’s extremely important that parents prioritize their needs as a couple and set aside time on a regular basis to reconnect and bond. Afterall, your love for eachother is the only reason those precious little minis exist in the first place.

Since getting out on the town is easier said than done, I’ve made a list of fun date night ideas that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home.

20 ideas for date nights at home

  1. Sushi Night! Grab all of the supplies and learn how to make your own sushi together.
  2. Scrabble anyone? Pull out one of your favourite two player board games and give it a whirl.
  3. Start a marathon movie series and watch one instalment per week until you finish (Star Wars, Harry Potter, or Lord of the Rings are great options).
  4. Create an epic Charcuterie platter! Each of you pick 3-5 items to try out and surprise eachother when you combine it all to make a yummy spread. You should also likely pick up some wine!
  5. Spend the evening creating a detailed lifelong bucket list together.
  6. Organize a beer tasting. Buy a handful of craft beers you’ve never tried and taste test each one while enjoying pretzels, nuts, and cheese.
  7. Set up a blanket in your back yard, grab the baby monitor, and head outside for some snuggles and star gazing.
  8. Organize a MasterChef night. Pick an ingredient, make dinner for eachother, and judge both creations!
  9. Start a dance off in the room furthest away from your kids bedrooms.
  10. Set up a sexy massage station with candles and oils and take turns playing masseuse.
  11. Find some trivia questions online and play strip trivia.
  12. Take turns picking a movie the other hasn’t seen and set up a themed night with appropriate food, drinks, and costumes!
  13. Set up a bonfire in your backyard, grab the baby monitor, and head outside for some bonding and yummy s’mores.
  14. Get saucy with a deck of cards! Choose an action for each suit (e.g. Hearts is kissing, spades is massage), and take turns drawing cards. The number on the card represents a time limit. You can modify this to make it as innocent or scandalous as you want.
  15. Buy a huge and extra cheesy puzzle, and chat the night away while you assemble it.
  16. Set up a raclette station!
  17. Plan a book club for two. Browse the Indigo website together and find five books you would both like to read. Order them, get reading, then schedule ‘review nights’ to discuss each one once you’ve both finished.
  18. Recreate one of your favourite meals from a special date night or vacation.
  19. Plan a list of small thoughtful gestures for family and friends then spread some unexpected kindness throughout the year.
  20. Create treasure hunts for eachother. Set up a series of clues throughout the house and hide a little treat at the end.

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