One-pan Rainbow Trout, Portobello, and Pesto Zoodles

My husband is a pretty strong dude, and over the past two years he has channeled this talent toward the occasional power lifting competition. When he’s training for a competition he typically eliminates starchy carbs from his diet to help ‘cut weight’.  Side note: it’s completely unfair how quickly men can lose weight. No joke, I’ve witnessed him cut out only pizza for one week and lose seven pounds. Anyways, his phases of carb avoidance leave me searching for ways to get creative at dinner time.  He has another competition coming up at the beginning of June, so it’s time to retire our winter comfort foods. Au revoir bacon mac & cheese, it’s been real.

I find the easiest way to cut back on starchy carbs is to just find simple ways to swap em. That way, we can still enjoy the meals we love…but modified versions. Since I’ll be whipping up these dishes anyhow, I’m going to share our faves over the next few months leading up to his competition.

This first one is a super easy and fast rainbow trout recipe with portobello mushrooms and pesto zoodles.  Spiralizing zucchini into ‘zoodles’ is an easy and yummy way to replace pasta in any dish and sneak extra veggies into your diet.  We find zoodles to be filling, flavourful, and I really enjoy the texture.  I threw this meal together for the first time (in the dark days before I started meal planning) when I had a bunch of ingredients in the fridge but no real plan for them.  It ended up working out pretty well and has been in the rotation ever since.

The best part? It’s a one pan meal.  Music to a busy mommas ears!

One-pan Rainbow Trout, Portobello, and Pesto Zoodles


2  fillets of Rainbow trout
2  Zucchini, spiralized
2  large Portobello mushroom caps, sliced
8  tablespoons of Pesto
salt and pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 400 F

Using a spiralizer, create zoodles with your zucchini.  I find that one zucchini per person/serving is a good rule of thumb. Add zoodles to a large mixing bowl and toss with salt and pepper to taste. Add your pesto to the zoodles and evenly coat.

Season trout fillets with salt and pepper to taste and set aside.

Slice portobello mushroom caps and set aside.

Lay two generous pieces of aluminum foil down on the counter and layer half of your ingredients into each: portobello slices on the bottom, followed by the pesto zoodles, and finally the trout.

Seal the foil to form pouches, place onto a sheet pan, and toss into the oven.

Bake for 30 minutes, remove the ingredients from their foil pouches, and serve!

Note: I typically plate this as a ‘pasta’ dish with the zoodles as a base and the mushrooms and fish arranged on top…but you do you ;).







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