Build a burrito bowl #LikeABoss

Burrito bowls are a big deal in our house.

We eat them so often that my husband has jokingly dubbed the Southwest Shrimp Quinoa bowl my ‘signature dish’.  These bowls are big on flavour, simple to whip up, and if you prep a few extra ingredients you’ll have enough for a delicious lunch the next day.

I also think this is a meal that could be successful in houses with picky eaters if you pitch it as a ‘build your own bowl’ deal.  Just set all of the ingredients out on the counter and let everyone load on their fave toppings!

Since it’s ‘Taco Tuesday’ and Southwest Shrimp Quinoa bowls are slotted for dinner tonight, I thought I’d share how we build our burrito bowls.

You can use the graphic below as a guide to build yourself some absolutely glorious burrito bowls.




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