Top Five: Netflix shows to binge watch on maternity leave

Choose your own adventure:

a) Your newborn just woke up in the wee hours for his 1.5 hour marathon nursing session. You move to the living room and settle in for the long haul.

b) Your 4 month old is ‘technically’ asleep, but only naps for longer than 10 minutes if you’re holding her. You refuse to move or even breathe loudly until she wakes up.

c) You’ve miraculously managed to wrangle your six month old into his crib for his first (very late) nap of the day. You escape the nursery using ninja-like stealth.

Momma, whichever scenario applies, this ending is the same…you’ve earned yourself some Netflix therapy!

Here are five of my top ‘once you pop you can’t stop’ Netflix options for mommas on maternity leave…or any momma really.

The Maternal Dream: Gilmore Girls


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You’ve probably already watched this series from start to finish. But, if like me you watched it back when the show originally aired (2000-2007) … you really should watch it again. It feels so much different as a mom.

You’ll find yourself dreaming of developing a Gilmore-esque bond with your new babe, bawling your eyes out when Rory graduates Chilton, wishing you could pack up and move to cozy Stars Hollow, and crushing hard on Luke instead of Dean.

The Guilty Pleasure: Pretty Little Liars

Everyone. Loves. PLL. My husband (my Guinness guzzling, barbell obsessed, f-bomb dropping husband) gets into his show. Granted, Shay Mitchell (who plays Emily) is his ‘hall pass’, but that’s beside the point. Guilty pleasure doesn’t get better than this.

A small town murder mystery, the show blends teen relationships and mean girl drama with a surprisingly dark and suspenseful story line. You’ll develop a desire to keep tuning in until you can finally answer one very important question: ‘Who is A?’

The Adult Time Addiction: The Killing

When you’ve finally settled your mini down for the night, it’s time for adult TV.  You know, the shows with swearing, big girl plot lines, and disturbing scenes.

Pour yourself some wine and put on The Killing. This crime drama is set in Seattle and follows two homicide detectives, Linden and Holder, as they investigate various murders and navigate some pretty serious personal demons. The banter between the duo is hilarious and in general, the show does a really amazing job of character development alongside the story line. Plus, watching Linden’s parenting adventures will likely reassure you that you’re a really great mom.

The Working Mom Balancing Act: The Good Wife

Watch this show if for no other reason than to see Chris Noth (Mr. Big) back in action… ‘le sigh’.

Following her husband’s very public affair with a prostitute, lawyer turned stay-at-home mom Alicia Florrick returns to the courtroom. This series features a new court case per episode and in the process addresses a gamet of social and political issues such as fixed elections, racial profiling, and physician assisted suicide. There’s also an ongoing super juicy affair and one of the most shocking plot twists (around Season 5) I’ve seen in a very long time.

The “it’s been one of those days” Pick Me Up: The Mindy Project

This show will 100% make you laugh and turn any bad day into…well, a bad day where at least you laughed.  The show follows a quirky obstetrician/gynecologist Mindy Lahiri through her hilarious encounters at work and off the clock.

Plus, there is a baby themed undercurrent to the show- from the rivalry with the midwives upstairs, to Mindy’s own forays into pregnancy and motherhood in the later seasons.

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